10 Surprising Benefits of Acupuncture

The popularity of acupuncture, an ancient Chinese healing tradition. The benefits of acupuncture are proven by numerous scientific research results that now name it as one of the most viable and effective alternative methods to use for well-being and healing.

Age-old Chinese wisdom views the physical body as a collection of energetic fields, which, if it’s in a state of health, allows for optimal energy flow. If the body is in a disease-ridden state, it creates energetic blockages. Acupuncture promotes the body’s healthy energy flow, and if need be, the opening of the blockages that lead to physical and emotional disorders in the first place.

10 Surprising Benefits of Acupuncture

Most have heard about the amazing effects of acupuncture when it comes to acute/chronic pain reduction and the improvement of life quality with various musculoskeletal disorders. This ancient healing method has a vast number of other physical, mental, and emotional benefits that not many individuals are familiar with. Some of these surprising benefits of acupuncture are the following:

Mood Enhancement

Whether chronic stress, real-life worries, or imbalanced hormonal causes are behind your fluctuating mood and possible depression, acupuncture can offer significant relief. During and after the application of acupuncture needles, your central nervous system becomes stimulated and releases endorphins and other chemicals that lift your mood. The process helps you to think more positively and support your body to fight off the damaging effects of the state of prolonged anxiety.

Headache Relief

The careful and exact placement of acupuncture needles near specific nerves have a wonderful pain-reductive effect. The endorphins released also support the feeling of the total loss of discomfort, leading to a breakthrough in your headaches and recurring migraines.

Sleep Quality Improvement

Acupuncture increases your body’s natural ability to produce more melatonin. This hormone — when present in optimal amounts — regulates your sleep- wake cycles. Today, largely thanks to our modern lifestyle and poor sleep habits, it is often underproduced, leading to insomnia, frequent awakenings at night, or being exhausted all the time. If this is ongoing for a prolonged time, it is a breeding ground for other future health problems. Acupuncture will help restore your natural ability to fall — and remain — asleep easily, once again.

Immune System Support

Our 21st century way of living challenges the immune system perhaps more than ever before in history. Since the immune system is our first line of bodily defense, its effective and optimal functioning is crucial. Acupuncture not only strengthens the immune system to fight back infections and other harmful threats to the organism, but it speeds up healing time as well. Another function of acupuncture is to balance the immune function that, when overactive, could lead to the development of various autoimmune diseases.

Energy Boost

Whether you are in need of a physical or mental energy boost to combat fatigue, acupuncture can offer tremendous benefits in fighting off exhaustion or brain fog. By thoroughly balancing the body’s energetic field, an optimal set-point can be reached and all organs can function correctly. As a result, you can experience a state of ease that allows for better quality of rest and becoming pain-free. Stimulating the appropriate neural pathways leads to increased physical stamina and capacity for clear and productive thinking.

Blood Pressure Control

When applying acupuncture to help healthy heart function and blood flow, this ancient medical practice can nearly outperform many pharmaceutical drugs with many unwanted side effects. With regular treatment, the optimal working of the cardiovascular system can be achieved, which leads to lowered blood pressure, greater heart muscle effectiveness, and an overall sense of cardiac fitness.

Allergy Reduction

Regular acupuncture sessions are very capable of fighting seasonal and  other common types of allergies. Boosting our bodies’ natural immunity and self-healing abilities, allergens are less likely to wreak havoc, and the frequency of attacks can be greatly diminished, as well. Acupuncture also treats the symptoms of allergies, such as a runny nose, puffy eyes, or scratchy throat, very effectively.

Digestive Support

By supporting the healthy functioning of the digestive system and its organs, as well as the rebalancing of the potentially faulty energetic fields, acupuncture can treat virtually all problems of the digestive system. Whether it be acute gastrointestinal problems, or severe manifestations of long-term ongoing issues that have not been addressed properly, such as gallstones, Crohn’s Disease, or inflammatory bowel disease, acupuncture can help.

Fertility Enhancement

By supporting our reproductive organs and the optimal production of male and female hormones, acupuncture offers a viable alternative to couples who experience difficulties regarding infertility. Acupuncture supports the healthy progression of a pregnancy, and even has the capacity to optimize the child’s position in the uterus for a natural and problem-free delivery, thereby preserving the mother’s fertility and bodily reproductive health.

An Acupuncturist Located in San Francisco

Andrew Castellanos, L.Ac., a licensed acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA., encourages you to book an appointment if you or your loved ones experience any of the above health concerns, chronic pain, or acute injuries. With the help of his many years of experience, professional expertise, intuition, and highly customized patient care methods, you can witness the vast and surprising benefits of acupuncture, the complete restoration of your well-being, and receive ongoing support to maintain this state of health for a lifetime to come.

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