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“Andrew is fantastic! He is knowledgeable and provides specialized treatment for my chronic nerve pain. I highly recommend him.”

— Elizabeth B.


“Andrew is amazing! Very caring and concerned about your health and well being. He genuinely is a very kind person.”

— Jeannie S.


“Andrew is terrific. I saw him post shoulder surgery and it was very beneficial in getting pain free and full range of motion.”

— Merritt W.


“Andrew is the best! My husband, my mother and I have all gone to him and we all give him 5 stars! He’s the best masseuse I’ve found in the Bay Area since moving here 2 years ago. No one knows the body like Andrew! And he cares very much and that comes through in spades. Can’t say enough good stuff about him. FYI: I prefer the Marin County location a zillion times better & hope that he adds more days to that location in the future.”

— Heather M.


“Andrew treated me over a period of about two years for hip and shoulder problems, and he was tremendously helpful. I was impressed with his knowledge and skill, not to mention wonderful “bedside manner” and especially his enthusiasm for staying current in his field. ”

— —Ann H.


“I loved coming to Andrew. He was a lifesaver in helping me through some back issues when I was pregnant with my first child. A lovely, warm place and Andrew is amazing!!!! ”

— Colleen M.


“Andrew is a fantastic alternative and addition to physical therapy. He quickly understands your condition and treats it effectively. ”

— Stephen P.


“Andrew introduced me to a form of healing which, after years of competitive long distance running and many injuries, I am more than thankful to have discovered! My latest injury, a small tear in my left hamstring, sidelined me for a number of months. After trying rest, physical therapy and anti-inflammatories with little results, I finally met Andrew. His approach from the very beginning was completely methodical, precise and extremely professional. Right away the pain eased, and I felt my body finally respond to treatment. Andrew was instrumental in healing my hamstring, and I trust that his acupuncture/massage techniques will keep me healthy and, importantly, keep me running for many decades and miles.”

— Ana Morales, Impala Racing Team


“I came to Andrew after nearly six excruciating months of not being able to run. I had a seemingly minor Achilles tendon injury that simply refused to heal, defying every modality I tried. I hoped Andrew, a specialist in sports injuries, could break the deadlock. The simple answer is that in three visits, I was running again, hardly able to believe my good fortune. The more complicated answer runs deeper. Andrew’s work doesn’t just address physical injury; he works on spiritual and emotional injury and stress too. I didn’t realize that my physical injury was bound up with emotional trauma, but he did, and he figured out how to disentangle them so the healing process could start. The process can be painful; emotional injuries that have lodged in your body have to work their way out through muscle and bone, like a physical illness. But it’s also both profound and unexpected. As another of Andrew’s clients said, he is a true healer.”

— MKP,  Impala Racing Team, San Francisco


“I’ve always wanted to be able to demonstrate clearly to professional dancers when giving them corrections or setting ballets. However, without the level of daily physical preparation that my body was used to when I danced, my body now has moments of rebellion that, however careful I am, need the assistance of experts to ensure I can do my job fully. Andrew’s combination of acupuncture and soft tissue work always made a significant difference to my mobility, helping me undertake my role in the studio at a level of physicality such that I’m not confined to the minimum level of demonstration. With his level of experience with dancers it was always easy to discuss problematic muscles and joints, and reassuring that he ‘got’ what was going on and what was required to improve the situation efficiently and effectively.”

—Bruce Sansom, former Ballet Master for the San Francisco Ballet company


“Andrew’s massage and acupuncture techniques have seen me successfully through back-to-back marathons seven weeks apart, plus two active pregnancies and a record-breaking racing season in between. He is a veritable genius in his field — a true healer.”

—Allison Howard, Impala Racing Team


“Andrew Castellanos has helped my Achilles tendinosis and tendinitis with acupuncture, not only getting the swelling down, but also massaging the area after. His therapeutic work has enabled me to continue dancing at a high level without having to take a break, so I’m able to dance with injury due to the therapeutic work that Andrew does.”

—Vanessa Zahorian, Principal Dancer for the San Francisco Ballet


“As a professional dancer, I rely heavily on Andrew throughout the performance season to literally fix me in order to get me back onstage. I have chronic problems with my knee and my shoulder, and the combination of acupuncture with electric stimulation and heat has been tremendously helpful. Andrew only needs five minutes to find exactly where he needs to work, and the results are fantastic. His acupuncture work is also gentle, and doesn’t leave me sore the next day — in fact, it’s one of the only therapies I feel comfortable receiving right before a show. Andrew does great deep tissue work as well, and he is very responsive and attentive as a therapist. I’d highly recommend him to dancers, athletes and non-dancers alike.”

—Courtney Elizabeth, Soloist for The San Francisco Ballet


“In our career it is very important to stay physically healthy, because our dance career is very short. We rehearse, work out every single day, and very often, because of the physical pressure from practicing so hard, we get injuries and surgery. My story is about my back, foot and wrist. I joined San Francisco Ballet a year ago. The first day of work, during ballet class, I hurt my back. I have had problems before with my wrist, and sadly, later on with the tough season, my foot got hurt. Luckily, I was recommended to Andrew Castellanos. I started with a few visits a month, and quickly saw results, so I made sure I finished my treatments. Thanks to Andrew, I was able to finish my successful season here. Now I have to spread the word…”

—Victoria Ananyan, Soloist for The San Francisco Ballet