Used for pain management and sports medicine, leads are clipped directly to the acupuncture needles and force the muscle to contract and release with electrical pulses. This action helps to bypass the nervous system to stop tightening the muscle, therefore decreasing pain and inflammation/swelling.


Cupping is an ancient TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) remedy that helps move stagnant blood in muscle and the body. Cupping sucks the stagnant blood to the surface of skin and promotes new blood into the area, relieving pain and tension. This treatment sometimes causes a bit of bruising—the darker the bruising, the worse the initial stagnation and the better the results of the treatment.


Moxibustion uses the therapeutic properties of the Chinese herb mugwort to warm acupuncture points in order to stimulate circulation and provoke healing. It is believed to enhance the flow of blood and qi in the body.

Herbs and Nutrition

I have deep expertise in Chinese herbs and nutrition and am available to give prescriptions, recommend supplements and offer nutrition and lifestyle advice in line with the treatments you receive.